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Bomb Damage

Posted on: November 8th, 2018 by Sue

In the fourth – and (so far) most destructive bombing raid on Peterborough, six high-explosive bombs were dropped in Fletton. Thirty-one houses were damaged and two totally demolished. Fortunately, just two people were injured. The house at No. 37 Queen’s Walk was one of those demolished. When the ambulance officer arrived, he found that a bedroom floor had collapsed and the daughter of the house had fallen, still in her bed, into the room below. She was rescued through the dinning room window. Her parents, meanwhile, were stranded in their bedroom upstairs and in danger from falling masonry. The ARP rescue squad got them out via an upstairs window. In another of the wrecked rooms they found an unbroken electric light bulb still hanging from the badly damaged ceiling while a single bottle of milk stood surrounded by a pile of bricks. Next door was equally damaged, There, the family of two adults and six children had found that their stairs had vanished. There was also a smell of escaping gas. One lad shinned down the drainpipe, falling the last bit of the way. Their cat came to the front bedroom window but refused to leave! (Grey, David, Peterborough at War  1939-1945, David Grey, 2011)

Taken from The Peterborough Book of Days by Brian Jones, The History Press, 2014.